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This Deck was created with the energy of "the beautiful water in a high place."  

Drawing upon the energy of the four elements ~ air, water, earth and fire ~ this oracle deck provides clear and supportive guidance for you.

The Oracle Of The Lake Wisdom Card Deck was inspired by Lake Winnipesaukee, NH known natively as "The Smile of the Great Spirit" or "The Beautiful Water in a High Place"  

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The Oracle of the Lake Deck connects you to your higher intuitive soul-self.  

By using these cards, you will receive the guidance you need to navigate the waters of any challenge. The deck will also help you find your inner compass to assist you in moving froward living your truth &&loving your life.  

These cards are inexplicably magical and give you the strength and courage to move forward.  

THE SMILE OF THE GREAT SPIRIT (the Native American name for the lake that this deck was inspired by) will shine down upon you with the support you need for greater faith and trust in yourself.  

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1) Complete e-booklet of each cards meaning and The Lake's Message for you ~ for powerful understanding of your readings and card draws

2) Opportunity to receive a Personal Guidance Card drawn specifically for you by Laura, A Master Oracle Card Reader  

3) Replay Access to the Becoming Your Own Oracle: Using Decks to Ignite Your Own Clarity where you will learn how to consecrate, use specific 'draws', and energize the cards for everyday use. 

4) A PDF of Best Crystals to use with this deck and how to use them to support you in the use of these cards.

Allow the Oracle of The Lake Deck to be your Channel of Light to receive the answers you need to be Living Your Truth and Fully Loving Your Life!

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The Maker of the Deck, Laura P. Clark, is a certified Soul CoachingĀ® Oracle Card Reader .

 She has been working with oracle cards as a divination tool and incorporating them into her work for decades.

The Oracle of the Lake deck was inspired by the her most sacred space: Lake Winnipesaukee. She has spent her summers on these shores where they have centered her, supported her and allowed her to follow her dreams. 

All of the images on these cards were co-ceated by the magical energy of this region. And, each message, was gifted by the Smile of the Great Spirit.


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