Wise Living Institute Presents:  

VIS (Very Important Soul) 1/2 Day Virtual Retreats  

 Let's Face it: l Having Faith, Staying Centered, Seeing All The Good and Joy | in Work & Life isn't always easy.  

But, We All Know How Very Important It is to Remain Positive, Focused & Vibrant to Attracting Your Dreams.

Introducing You to Wise Living Institute's 1/2 Day Very Important Soul Retreats

Why VIS 1/2 Day Virtual Retreats

Life gives you 'interrupts' to your dreams, desires and goals DAILY! 

It's hard to stay confident and courageous when so many things call for or attention and get in your way of achieving success. These distractions often take you off course and down the proverbial 'rabbit hole'.

It's imperative, when you are on a mission, to stay focused, centered, and in a state of joy to attract exactly what you want in your work and in your life. 

These 1/2 Day Viritual retreats offer a deep dive into the challenges you are facing, a new perspective on them & focused action to spearhead you. It gives you a chance to step back and be the sacred observer. These retreats help:

  • To Keep You From Going Down the Proverbial Rabit Hole
  • To Reconnect to Your Mission & Creat Momentum
  • To Create A Breakthrough of something holding you back
  • To Keep you Steady, Focused and On Course
  • To Keep you Accountable to Your Goals
  • To Support You in those Pesky Moments of Self Doubt
  • To Help You find Answers to those Nagging Questions You Face
  • To Increase Momentum towards your Best Self Ever
  • To Elevate your vibration and work from a state of Gratitude
  • To Create Ways to Remind yourself of Your Unique Brilliance in any and all moments
  • To Nurture Your Dreams, Raise Your Confidence & Enhance Your Self Esteem so You Continue Your Courageous Journey

These VIS Retreats are designed for you to work with The Founder of the Institute, Laura Clark, who is an expert and certified in reiki, reflexology, Dream Coaching, Feng Shui and Oracle Card Reading to be by your side as a lamplighter for your journey.

It allows you to have access and get support from a Master Soul Coach with 20+ years in Energy Alignment and use that wisdom to support you in stepping forward courageously for your highest good.

Register Full Pay  $397.00

"This looks Great, Laura. How does it work?"

Pre-Retreat Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to for you to begin thinking as a sacred observer of your situation and to allow Laura to plan an amazing experience for you. 

2.5 Hour Retreat

You Retreat time will be a combination of : Guided meditations, Oracle Readings. Discerning Questions  

Providing Profound Insights  

Take Away

You will receive ~ a copy of your video session to refer to ~ a detailed assessment of your retreat time ~ an action plan to take forward with you 


Follow Up 30 Min. Call

Helping you to clear up any blockage, answer any question, and accelerate your progress.  

What do you need for support? Let's Do that:  

  • Receive an Oracle Card Reading for your Nagging Questions
  • Create A Vision & Set Intentions for the Rest of the Year
  • Tweak & Sharpen Affirmations you have and goals you have set
  • Create Goal Cards that are alligned for Your Highest Good
  • Find or Awaken Your Purpose for Clarity
  • Ignite your Passionate Purpose 
  • Help you Stop Procrastinating
  • Receive Reiki to Align & Support You
  • Discover the negative beliefs that you may not and show you how to step through them
  • Deepen your ability to communicate with your own soul for answers
  • Discover How to get answers from source quickly and easily
  • Support your Awakening Process with a Soul Journey/Guided Meditation that serve your highest good

About Your Mentor, Laura Clark

Sought after Wise Living Institute's Founder, Laura, empowers professionals and creatives to get off the roller coaster that delays action and supports them to follow their own intuition. She supports them in awakening their inner knowing, align with it passionately, and step forward courageously.

As an International best-selling author, engaging speaker and coach, Laura brings her unique wit (aka Sassy ) & down to earth and practical approach to empower people to embrace their own uniquely brilliant spirit and Live Wisely based upon their own intuition into their lives for greater joy and abundance in following their passions. 

Laura is excited to be offering this Program to support you in Stepping Into your Unique Brilliance and taking that out into the world so you can experience success of all kinds bringing you greater Joy and Abundance into your life!

Check out what other people have to say about Laura's Coaching Style....

So much value in one person!

Laura brings it all to each session. She holds a sacred space of empowerment, meets me where I am and lifts me up to a new place of alignment and belief in myself.She gives her all offering simple, spirituality tips and tricks that are easy to use and offer quick support to you.

Kellyann Schaefer ~ CEO & Lifestyle Management Coach at TaskComplete

Practical, Implementable, Quick support

I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, fun, witty and down to earth spiritual "sherpa" who walks her own spiritual path daily and brings all she knows to support her clients

 Danielle Orteri ~ art historian, writer, speaker & designer of Feast On History

This retreat is for you if you are ready to take a no~excuse action approach toward success. During our time together we will be working on managing mindset, getting you off any emotional roller coaster, discovering and standing in your courage while embracing listening to your own inner wisdom. 

Listening to your Soul is about finding ways to calm the chatter and beginning to really know how you feel nad hearing what is being offered you. I'll be your soul-support all the way through so you can find your own innate compass and continue to be inspired by your purpose and passion. 

This retreat is not for you if you are looking for a place to whine and whimper. It is not for you if you are looking for a medium, an intuitive who only tells you what they see and what you "should" do. This program is for the individual who is ready to take responsibility and embrace their own Passion & Purpose and is looking for the support to do so.  

 Register now if it is calling to you!


Full Pay $397.00

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