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Discover the Secrets to Manifesting the Vision You have for Your Future! 

  You may have heard terms to describe this kind of process, such as At this time of year, many people choose to make a year collage and some choose to focus on one intention Vision Board, Manifestion Map, Dream Board. A Truth & Vision Board is this and so much more.  

This Program is designed like no other typical 'workshop' on vision boarding! As a result of participating in this program, you will:  

~ Determine what your Deepest Desires are ~ they WILL surprise you! ~ Access the Hidden Messages of your Board ~ they are there! ~ Discover the Best Ways to Create your Board Based on your Intentions ~ Discover the Best ACTION Steps to take Next as You Step into 2018 ~ Begin to Work On Purpose & Thrive nomatter what is going on ~ Attract Your Best Future into Your Present !!

This on-demand course will lead you through the process of allowing you to get out of your head and into your heart. to truly awaken, access, and allow your truth to come forward! 

Laura Clark, founder of the Wise Living Institute, will be guiding you through Your VIS Day. She teaches you how to access your inner knowing and align with your purpose to live your truth purposefully and passionately. As a sassy and spiritual guru, Laura believes everyone can step forward to a fuller, more joyful and abundant life.  

Through the resources, programs, coaching and trainings of the Wise Living Institute, Laura champions others to awaken their wisdom to step confidently and courageously forward living one’s own truth for greater joy and abundance.