Have You Been Struggling with:  

~ hearing your own inner wisdom due to the noise of the times?
~ feeling disconnected to your purpose?
~ finding it hard to find your passion and to stay positive?
~ seeing the light at the end of this tunnel?

Have you been:

~ having a difficult time making choices and decisions?
~ finding it hard to stay true to those choices when you do make them?
~ losing faith and trust in yourself and your confidence has dwindled?
~ allowing yourself to be distracted by anything and everything but your core purpose?

I hear you!
It's been a challenging time for so many.
But, here's the good news.

It doesn't have to be this way and YOU can change all that.

The Living Your Truth 2022~2023 Private Coaching Program

It is designed for the woman who is ready to fully
(re) find her purpose, (re) nourish her soul, and (re) gain momentum in business & at play
(re) hearing their own inner wisdom
and living by their own truth!  

It is designed for YOU!

There comes a time when you need a higher level of support to break through the barriers and shape any shifts in your life.
There comes a time when you need to do this not based on the 'shoulds' that you hear every day but by what you know to be your soul's truth. 

The Living Your Truth Coaching program is a deep, intimate, immersion into self and soul.

The Living Your Truth Coaching Program will support you in moving forward through these challenging times by accessing powerful and innate tools to help you:

~ realize your own personal and professional goals once again.
~ fully understand your limiting beliefs.
~ develop the Soul~discipline needed to take courageous steps forward.
~ create confidence within to live a powerful, joyful, and abundant life.

Hi ~ I'm Laura Clark ~ Founder of the Wise Living Institute and Your Coach on this journey. I love supporting women who are tired of dimming their light and who are ready to step out and shine.

I have been there myself. It took finding support and the right kind of mentoring to rise and shine. And, as I did, I continued to develop my innate skills, talents, and expertise to become a Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer to support others to do so.

I am fully committed to my clients in their finding their purpose, creating success in living their truth, and discovering more passion and joy.

The Living Your Truth Private Coaching is for you to: 

~ (re)assess and (re)align with your purpose
~ stop the 'should's of life and live by your own compass
~ have a mix of coaching, teaching & individualized support
~ (re)ignite your passions & (re)align your actions to step fully forward living your truth.  

Due to the amount of loving support and attention given to private clients, there are only have 6 (six) private spots available this fall.

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a first~come, first~served basis.  

Apply Now! 

The Results offered in the Living Your Truth Private Coaching may be intangible but they are invaluable.  

It's not about making more money or becoming healthier. Though that may happen.
It's not about changing your career or starting a new business. Though if your soul calls you to do that well that will happen!

 Success in this program IS about:

 ~ Accessing your inner knowing, finding and aligning with your purpose  

~ Creating the ability to find inner-peace anytime, anywhere  

~ Becoming crystal clear about your purpose and the light you shine  

~ Learning new skills to develop and hone your intuition  

~ Stepping into your creative genius to hear your own inner wisdom  

~ Cultivating confidence and courage  

~ Discovering greater faith and trust  

~ Leading your life by your own truth  

It's about taking leaps of faith into creating your best possible life in these challenging times.

It's about giving yourself permission to shine, powerfully,
by living your own truth.

And, yes, by doing this work, you will discover more joy and abundance in your life.  

The Living Your Truth Coaching Program is an exclusive program with a choice between a 3-month commitment or 6-month commitment/

This exclusive program is, at its core, about Your Soul's Truth!

Due to its intimacy, there are only 8 spots available at any given time

Practical, Implementable, Quick support  

I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, fun, witty and down to earth spiritual "sherpa" who walks her own spiritual path daily and brings all she knows to support her clients.

Danielle Orteri ~ art historian, writer, speaker & des&gner of Feast On History

So much value in one person!  

Laura brings it all to each session. She holds a sacred space of empowerment, meets me where I am and lifts me up to a new place of alignment and belief in myself. She gives her all offering simple, spirituality tips and tricks that are easy to use and offer quick support to you.  

Kellyann Schaefer ~ CEO & &ifestyle Management Coach at TaskComplete

You'll be guided and supported with each and every step.  

Your Program Includes 

Clarity Creation & Making Wake Sessions  

Your Clarity Creation Starter Session will be held at the beginning of our program together. We’ll meet for a 90-minute session to take an in-depth look at where you are, your deepest desires, and what is getting in your way of manifesting them. We’ll pinpoint where you need to shift your thinking, being, or doing to get the very best results you want in your life.

This will help shape the foundation for your program.    

Your Make Wake Session will be at the end. In this 90-minute session, we will review the journey of where you began to where you are now. We will identify the skills you have learned and determine best action steps to take going forward.  

This will give you the tools necessary to step into 2021 shining your light.

(Value $750)


Private Coaching Sessions  

You and I will meet every other week for a private coaching session. (6 times for the 3 month package and 12 times in the 6 month program). In these 45 minute sessions, you will receive the highly personal, 1-on-1 coaching, and support you want to access your inner knowing, align with your purpose, and begin living your truth.  

We’ll jump into your private coaching program and create and embrace an approach that honors all of you – your personal beliefs, your energy, your truest desires and vision, and more.  

Each Session will consist of:
~ A focus Oracle Card
~ Review of time since the last session & your 'soul-play' (a form of connecting to your truth)
~ Guided Truth Journey (a special form of guided meditation)
~ Clarity Creation
~ Soul-Play Assignment
~ Make-Wake Oracle Card to guide you forward

You will also receive a follow~up coaching form that outlines the ahha's received, the tools used and action steps to be taken before our next call giving you the accountability to gain the results you are looking for.

Text Support  

 As a Living Your Truth Private client, you can text me when you need that little extra coaching and support to stay aligned, instead of waiting for your next scheduled phone coaching session.  

I place a high value on this type of support. It allows you to stay in a high vibration as we go through life's challenges. It's my experience and client feedback over the years has shown that extraordinary shifts are made with this added component to your coaching. 

I’m available to send reiki, pull an oracle card, use my dowsing pendulum, suggest the best tool for you to navigate the query you ask.  

Often times, clients simply ask for me to hold a sacred space for them to activate their own inner awareness and power.  

(Value: immeasurable)

And, to further support you in Living Your Truth, you will receive these bonuses:  

Complimentary Access to the Living Your Truth Sisterhood  

A month membership (that’s an additional month longer than your program). The Living Your Truth Sisterhood includes foundational core content, monthly open office hours, sacred sister conversations, a private Facebook group, and more.

A 12 Month Wise Living Oracle Chart

A 12 month guided journey of support through the wisdom of the Oracles. These coveted charts (I only offer a dozen of these each year) are vibrant expressions of support for you through the adventure that will be 2021 and one is yours as a bonus to this program!
(value: $147)

An Oracle of the Lake Wisdom Deck along with crystals  

to align your energies and support you in accessing your own wisdom.
(Value: $35)

If you’re ready to be a part of something that can bring you forward into shining more brightly than ever before, apply today.  

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a first~come, first~served basis.  


I am a seeker. From a very young age, my life was a channel for constant learning and education. With a librarian mother, educator father, and a grandmother among the first women to attend college, the commitment to keep learning and growing – in a formal educational environment – was our most revered family value.  

When we needed answers, we turned to research and education. Practical application of proven principles. This put an extremely heavy focus on the physical, and what I saw before me. Yet none of this taught me how to find courage in times of self-doubt, peace in the midst of chaos, or centeredness when feeling attached, less-than, or stuffed in a box.  

That required deeper work that wasn’t taught in traditional educational institutions. Having been born into a family with a strong history of depression, I struggled. It took time but once I discovered the tools, I quickly learned the power of the mind, and began a quest to find solutions beyond the traditional.  

Because accreditations were so extremely valued in my life, I managed to extensively study, become certified in, and finally master dozens of alternative therapies and modalities.  

From all of this learning I realized one very important thing. The only person who has the answers for your life is YOU. And after decades of coaching incredibly gifted, intelligent and compassionate women, I’ve also realized that person they most doubt in decision-making is themselves.  

We are all seekers. We long for companionship, understanding, and connection. We depend on the support of others and make decisions based on their opinions. We’re constantly seeking approval outside of ourselves.  

I believe it’s because we haven’t been given the tools to quickly find a place of inner peace, uncover the best answer to a challenge, and then have the courage to take steps toward it’s resolution. In order to live your truth, you must know what you want and how to make decisions.  

For the past 20 years, I have guided clients of all kinds to find their own inner truth and step out fully loving their life and shining their love. Through my private coaching, I teach you how to access your inner knowing and call upon our teachings to make choices that are fully aligned with your purpose. 

When I am not Living My Own Truth professionally, you can find me spending time on the water where I am most comfortable with my soul's truth. During the winters, along the river that runs through our back yard in Rhode Island. And, in the summer on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. You will find me spending time with my life-partner, affectionately known as The Big Guy, our two sets of twin dogs, and raising my 90+ year old father. 

If you have ANY questions, know I’m happily available to answer them for you.

You can email me directly at Lauraclark@wiselivinginstitute.com and I’ll get back to you right away.