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Taking time to do soul-care is vital in today's world. VIS days do just that. They allow you to step out of the world and take time to listen to your soul's truth.  

These VIS Day Viritual and in-person Retreats offer an opportunity to take a deep dive into the challenges you are facing, create a new perspective on them and design a plan that will move you forward into Living Your Truth more purposefully with greater passion and joy.  

These VIS Retreat are for you if you are ready to step away from the 'should's of life, dump the excuses and allow yourself to be empowered into Living Your Truth.  

During our time together we will be working on managing mindset, getting you off any emotional roller coaster, discovering and standing in your courage while embracing listening to your own inner wisdom.  

Listening to your Soul is about finding ways to calm the chatter and beginning to really know how you feel nad hearing what is being offered you. You will have soul-support all the way through so you can find your own innate compass and continue to be inspired by your purpose and passion.  


Laura Clark, founder of the Wise Living Institute, will be guiding you through Your VIS Day. She teaches you how to access your inner knowing and align with your purpose to live your truth purposefully and passionately. As a sassy and spiritual guru, Laura believes everyone can step forward to a fuller, more joyful and abundant life.  

Through the resources, programs, coaching and trainings of the Wise Living Institute, Laura champions others to awaken their wisdom to step confidently and courageously forward living one’s own truth for greater joy and abundance.