Forest Bathing & Spirit Creation Event 

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Discover Forest Bathing & Create a Soul & Spirit Stick  

Surround yourself with the energies of air, water, earth and fire and allow your truth to come forward through your spirit stick!  

Align with your soul's truth, develop your powerful intuition and step forward more confidently and courageously this spring!  

"Into the Forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Laura Clark, founder of the Wise Living Institute, will be guiding you through this program. She teaches you how to access your inner knowing and align with your purpose to live your truth purposefully and passionately. As a sassy and spiritual guru, Laura believes everyone can step forward to a fuller, more joyful and abundant life.

Through the resources, programs, coaching and trainings of the Wise Living Institute, Laura champions others to awaken their wisdom to step confidently and courageously forward living one’s own truth for greater joy and abundance.