It's Time!
Awaken Your Purpose &

Align Your Energies
with this short term ~ high vibe coaching program

2023 Spring Program
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Receive Amazing Guidance from your mentor, Laura Clark
"I can not thank you enough for your guidance and how you

awaken the wisdom within me. Thank you for being my spiritual coach." ~ S. Stokes

Does this sound like you?

You have a business strategy.
Yet, you are not getting the momentum you want.

Maybe you are thinking:
"Who am I to think I can do this?"

"I'm so overwhelmed I can't see the forest for the trees."

"Am I really having the ripple effect doing what I do?"

I Get It!
It's hard to stay aligned and vibrant all the time when you are not having great results.

And, the more you try to do what you know is the right path, the less it works.

It's Not the Path that's
the Challenge
It's the vibration you have doing the work.
It's imperative, now, to dive into the mindset and soul-set work so that your strategy pays off.

The Raise Your Vibe Coaching Program gives you:

~ customized support to awaken your purpose and align your energies

so that you can allow your vision to grow and glow!
~1:1 right now, short-term coaching.
~Receive the expertise, tools, and

~accountability you need to create momentum in your business and in your life.


The Raise Your Vibe Coaching Program includes:

~ Welcome Packet & Soul Assessment allowing us to get to know you with greater clarity and start your program on a firm foundation.

~ 6 Private 45 Minute Coaching Sessionsgiving you the opportunity, with the support of your coach, to hear your soul's truth & understand it so that you can act upon it more courageously. You can schedule these close together for fast growth or spread them out for sustained transformation. Private 1:1 coaching, within this three-month time frame, will support you to become fully aligned for Q2 and the rest of the year.

~ Soul~Play Activities between appointments to easily integrate your growth into your life so that the lessons are 'hard-wired' into you.

~ Unlimited Voxer Support (during normal biz hours) to answer questions that come up for you so that you gain continue to gain momentum in between sessions.

Spring 2023 Bonuses:

~ Special Awakening Tool based upon your soul assessment to support your progress through this program.

~ Ticket to The Courageous Zone Living Masterclass to step forward by mastering your energy and finding your courage! Tools everyone needs especially in those moments of self-doubt.

I'm In!
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So much value in one person!

Laura brings it all to each session. She holds a sacred space of empowerment, meets me where I am and lifts me up to a new place of alignment and belief in myself. She gives her all offering simple, spirituality tips and tricks that are easy to use and offer quick support to you.

Kellyann Schaefer ~ CEO & Lifestyle Management Coach at TaskComplete

How I Grew My Business with Purpose and What it Means For You…

I’ve been building my body~of~work, aka businesses, for the last 30 years making the necessary twists and turns on the journey based on my purpose, my energies, and my own inner voice.

I did this….
~ keeping sight of my personal priorities in life.
~ without the overwhelm of breaking the proverbial camel’s back.
~ while being fully supported financially and abundantly by my business.
~ with the profound sense that my work gave extreme value to my clients.
~ having a great sense of self-fulfillment along the path.

And, it's what I do for my clients now too.

With my expertise and proven system of

how to align your business with your purpose of who you are,
you can grow in purpose and raise your vibration too!

Practical, Implementable, Quick support

Laura is great to work with because she is a compassionate, cool, fun, witty, and down-to-earth spiritual "sherpa" who walks her own spiritual path daily and brings all she knows to support her clients

 Danielle Orteri ~ art historian, writer, speaker & designer of Feast On History

My L💜ve Note For You...

If you are reading this, I fully believe that raising your vibration is vital to you. I know you will find this a worthwhile investment.

Embracing your work as a spiritual and creative entrepreneur is not for the faint~at~heart. The energy 'out there' is swirling around us and will continue to as we step into 2023. It is imperative that a world-changer like you stay grounded, engaged with your intuition, and courageous throughout all the twists and turns of the journey ahead.

It is your time to continue growing in your purpose and glowing in your business. That is why I created this short-term coaching program at a pinnacle time to get the 1:1 support you need to find greater clarity, peace-of-mind, and wealth of all kinds. I look forward to working with you and watching you grow and thrive.

Keep Smiling,

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